Building Unshakeable Trust – EP307

In this episode, Antrese focuses on building self-trust and how it creates a stronger art practice. She shares principles and exercises for developing self-trust so you can connect deeper with your creativity.Enter your text here...

Key Takeaways:

  • Self-trust as an artist allows you to take risks, play, and explore in your art without worrying about seeming scattered. You trust your inner creativity.
  • With self-trust, you can choose one idea without fear of losing others. You feel calm and free while creating.
  • Self-trust helps you feel open when showing work, talking about it, and discussing pricing.
  • Without self-trust you’ll doubt choices, compare yourself, feel caged by past successes.
  • Practice  building self-trust: recognize what you like/dislike, keep tiny promises to yourself, have grace when you make mistakes, quiet your inner critic.
  • Building self-trust is a continual practice - your brain has decades of lying to you, believing that you can’t be trusted to keep promises to yourself. Rebuild trust in yourself through strategic repetition.
  • Self-trust supports growth, evolution, and sustenance in your art practice (and life). It is the key to abundant creativity and flow.

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