The 10 Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned As An Artist

In this special episode of the Savvy Painter podcast, we're celebrating an incredible milestone: 10 years of being part of your art journey! Over the last decade, I've had the joy of connecting with so many amazing artists, sharing stories, struggles, and, most importantly, lessons. So, I thought, what better way to celebrate than to share my top 10 lessons from 10 years of Savvy Painter? These are the gems I've gathered from talking with hundreds of artists and diving deep into the art world. Let's dive in!

  1. What's on Your Canvas Reflects What's in Your Mind: The biggest game-changer for me was realizing how directly our thoughts shape our art. It's all about noticing how your feelings and thoughts come alive on your canvas through your brushstrokes.
  2. Be Intentional with Your Work and Time: Having a plan isn't just about avoiding distractions; it's about setting intentions for your art and focusing on them. Even something as simple as a sticky note with your goal can make a huge difference.
  3. Your Work Matters: Always remember that your art makes a difference. Even when doubts creep in, know that what you're creating has value, both to you and to the world.
  4. Perfection Isn't Good Enough: Chasing perfection can actually hold you back. Connect with people through your art instead of getting caught up in making every detail flawless.
  5. Be Selective About Who You Let into Your Studio: Not every voice deserves a say in your creative space. Keep out the negativity and focus on the positive influences that help you grow as an artist.
  6. The Four Stages of Your Practice: Embrace the cycle of making art, showing it, selling it, and then resting. Recognizing and honoring each stage is key to a fulfilling art practice.
  7. Community Is Key: Never underestimate the power of being part of a community of artists. It's comforting to know you're not alone in your artistic journey.
  8. Advocate for Your Work: Believing in your own art is the first step to getting others to believe in it too. Learn to talk about your work with confidence and love.
  9. Stay Out of Your Collectors' Wallets: Pricing your art isn't about guessing what others can afford; it's about valuing your work appropriately and letting the buyers decide for themselves.
  10. Love the Art and the Artist Who Creates It: This journey is all about love—loving the process, the creation, and, most importantly, yourself as the creator. Your art is a love letter to yourself, so cherish it and the person who brings it to life.

Celebrating 10 years with you has been such an honor. Your stories, feedback, and the community we've built together have made Savvy Painter more than just a podcast; it's a shared space of inspiration and growth. Here's to many more years of painting, learning, and growing together.

I'd love to hear what you think about the episode! Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite lesson from Savvy Painter 

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  • Really enjoyed the pep talk aspect of this episode. I live and teach and work in the Virgin Islands, and though it is an artistic sort of community, it was nice to hear someone commiserating and validating my inner monologue mantras on my rock in the middle of nowhere lol

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