How To Reconnect With Play And Joy In Your Art – Ep309

Let's chat about embracing experimentation, playfulness, and bringing a childlike sense of curiosity into your creative process! In this episode, Antrese Wood shares her experiences and insights on how fear of failure and perfectionism stifles creativity, and offers strategies to overcome these obstacles.

How do we do that? Bring back play and experimentation into your creative process.

Play and experimentation leads to authenticity, growth, and learning. Our fear of failure and perfectionism blocks creativity, so we discuss concrete techniques to recognize and work through these fears. Embracing mistakes and imperfections as part of your process, and maintaining a sense of curiosity and joy, are keys to creating meaningful and emotional art.

Here's what you learn how to do today in this episode:

  • Embrace experimentation and playfulness in your creative process to unlock authenticity and growth.
  • Recognize when fear of failure or perfectionism is driving your actions and stifling creativity.
  • Name and acknowledge your fears, then paint your way through them by reconnecting with your purpose as an artist.
  • Remind yourself that "perfection is not enough" – technical mastery alone does not create emotional connection.
  • When you make a "mistake," say "how interesting" to shift into a mindset of curiosity and exploration.
  • Check out the teachings of Benjamin Zander (composer/teacher) for inspiration on embracing imperfection and connecting with audiences.
  • Keep your adventurous, childlike spirit alive in your artwork.
  • Create space and habits that allow for joyful, uninhibited creative expression.

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