Painting the Everyday: Amy Scherer’s Vision of Suburban Beauty – EP 313

Amy Scherer is a contemporary painter who works out of her home studio just outside of Seattle.

In this episode, Amy and I talk about making art even when the people around you don't quite get what it is you do. Ever have any one come into your studio and ask - "Wait, where's the TV?" 🤦‍♀️ IYKYK, right?

Amy lives in the suburbs and most of the people she's around just don't understand what she does, and that yes, there really is an actual artist living among them!

For Amy, one of the things that  helps her stay grounded  is teaching other artists how to paint. She absolutely loves the opportunity to geek out on art with other artists! It gives her the chance to share her ideas on color theory, composition, and all the nuances that make a great painting.

So OF COURSE in our conversation, we geeked out on ALL THE THINGS:

  • how to arrange subjects in a painting.
  • why seeing the world as an artist matters.
  • tips on how to manage time between making art and daily life.
  • why making mistakes is important for growing as an artist.
  • the challenges of being seen as a real artist when you live in the suburbs.
  • being true to yourself in your art.
  • how being kind and understanding can help people love art even more.
  • how Amy keeps her passion for art alive.
  • how she balances creativity with her other responsibilities.

Hope you enjoy this episode! If you do, let me know your biggest takeaway at @savvypainterpodcast

And while you're there, check out Amy's work: @A_Scherer_

Amy's Paintings:

Painting by Amy Scherer

Reflection,  acrylic on canvas 45x34 inches

Painting by Amy Scherer

Backyard Tree,  acrylic on canvas - approx 45x42 inches 

Painting by Amy Scherer

Backyard Linens,   acrylic painting on loose canvas - 22x30 inches

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