Camille Przewodek

Autumn Morning--8x10


If you don’t know Camille Przewodek’s work, she is a master at capturing light and using the color it creates to set the mood in her plein air landscapes.

It was a workshop with Henry Hensche that solidified her love for light and color, and how with the right light and the eye to see it, a mundane scene is transformed into thing of beauty.


  • Camille’s new book release at the Plein Air Expo in Monterey
  • The Moxie school of advertising.
  • Does her dream project really involve BonBons and Seinfeld?
  • If you are a dishonest person, I don’t think you can do an honest painting.
  • How a clear focus on your own path makes competition irrelevant.
  • The power of knowing your weaknesses.


Camille is  picky about who she takes workshops with. Henry Hensche was an obvious influence and she has also taken workshops with  Jove Wang and has returned for the last 10 years to the studio of Cedric and Joanette Egli.

I asked Camille if she could own a piece of art by any living artist, she chose  Dan Pinkham. Then she totally reneged on her dream project of eating bonbons and watching Seinfeld all day, in favor of having the confidence of Dan Pinkham.

To see more of Camille’s work or to sign up for her workshops, visit her website:

Woman on a Stool 11x7-filtered


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