Carolyn Lord

Carolyn Lord

Carolyn Lord paints in the “California Regionalist Watercolor” tradition. Her work is marked by simple shapes and bold colors. She was fortunate enough to study with renowned artist Millard Sheets. Carolyn has documented her extensive travels with her watercolors and now focuses on her home-state of California.Carolyn and I had a great conversation about her travels and her insights throughout her career which began in the early 70’s.

In fact, we got so into the conversation that we lost track of time. So for this edition, Im going to do something a little different. I’m going to split it into two episodes.The second part will be up soon. Carolyn and I talk about balancing home-life with studio time, artist gallery relationships, tracking your paintings after the sale, and a couple other juicy stories, so make sure you hear the rest of the story.


  • How do artists speak differently than other industries
  • How travel influences your work, and taking the time to reflect.
  • Learning the hard way to recognize your weakness and develop your skills.
  • When you should wonder what other people think.
  • Keep your friends close, keep your values closer.
  • Get better or get bitter.


Sir Kenneth Clark : The Nude

Rosemary with Lemons

All Hallows Bees

China Pattern


Part 2 of Carolyn’s interview is here:

If you want to see more of Carolyn’s work or sign up for her workshops, visit her online at

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