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Michael McCaffrey

Letting Go of Art “Rules” with Michael McCaffrey

Andy J Pizza

Exploring Creativity and Understanding How You Tick, with Andy J. Pizza

Aubrey Levinthal

Honing Your Craft and Replenishing Your Creativity, with Aubrey Levinthal

Gabriela Dellosso

Narrative Painting and Discovering Your Artistic Voice, with Gabriela Dellosso

Vonn Sumner

Constantly Learning and Refusing to Quit with Figurative Artist, Vonn Sumner

Sally Strand

The Process of Artistic Development, with Sally Strand

Ehsan Maleki

Urban Paintings, with Ehsan Maleki

Lani Irwin

Embracing the Unknown, with Lani Irwin

Jennifer Pochinski

Finding Your Creative Inspiration, with Jennifer Pochinski
Gillian Pederson-Krag
Susan Jane Walp
Kathleen Speranza: Dancing On The Third Rail.
Ann Gale
Celia Reisman
Bobbie Burgers – Capturing Past, Present, and Future All In One Moment
Chelsea Bentley James

Andrew Solgado

Figurative Artist Andrew Salgado
Yael Scalia
Rick Stevens

Rick Stevens

Letting Go of the Inner Critic- Rick Stevens Part 2