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Figurative Artist Andrew Salgado

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Andrew Salgado paints large colorful portraits and abstract figurative work. He is originally from Canada but after attending graduate school at Chelsea he made London his home.

In this interview, Andrew and Antrese talk about living in a different country and how immersing yourself in an artistic culture different from your own presents challenges and opportunities for growth. Those opportunities are central to this discussion – Andrew finds opportunities for growth all around him- from fears we have as artists about our work, to competitive rivalries. How these issues affect our work is entirely dependent on mindset, as Andrew says “What happens in the studio is just a microcosmic example of what happens in life.”

Other Artists Mentioned:

Peter Doig
Dale Adcock
Joyce Pensato
Francis Bacon
Leonardo DaVinci (Annunciation)
Tal R
Genti Korini
Adam Lee
Gary Hume
Ben Murphy

Books Mentioned

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Upcoming Shows and Workshops:

May 6, 2016:THE FOOL MAKES A JOKE AT MIDNIGHT presented by Beers London at Thierry Goldberg Gallery in New York city’s lower east side.

October 7, 2016: Solo at Beers London, East Central London.

July 10-17, 2016: Andrew will be teaching at The Venice Sommerakademie for one week. Accepting applicantions now. Space is limited.


'As Of Now'
‘As Of Now’
'When I Grow Up'
‘When I Grow Up’
'Luncheon On The Grass'
‘Luncheon On The Grass’
'A Quiet Man'
‘A Quiet Man’
'Sad Tommy'
‘Sad Tommy’
'Peace Signs'
‘Peace Signs’

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