Rick Stevens

Rick Stevens painting

Rick Stevens straddles the line between abstraction and representational painting.

As he will tell you in this interview, that is exactly where he wants to be: in the grey area slipping in and out of both labels.

Rick’s work is inspired by nature- his paintings take you to that quiet place in the woods where leaves shimmer against the sky, colors blend into and out of each other, water drips down into a stream, and the wind brings fresh air and the scent of the earth.

His influences include Odilon Redon, Pierre Bonnard, Eduoard Vuillard, George Innes and Gustav Klimt.

Originally from Sparta, Michigan, Rick began painting alongside his father who painted plein-air landscapes. Later, he studied art at Rick Kendall College of Art and Design and ultimately received his degree from Aquinas College.

His work has been exhibited throughout the U.S, including solo exhibits at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, the Muskegon Museum of Art and the Brauer Museum of Art.

Show Highlights

Rick and Antrese talk abut how a year of solitude focused his work. We talk about accepting the generosity of patrons, how Tai Chi has informed his perception of painting and we even get into a discussion on impulse versus intuition and what that can mean for your painting.



Lin Shun-Shiung, the Chinese artist Rick mentions.
Wu Wei, a Tao concept: non-action, or complete, effortless harmony.

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'Conditional Arising' by Rick Stevens
‘Conditional Arising’
'Interwoven Life' by Rick Stevens
‘Interwoven Life’

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