Nancy Gruskin

Finding Your Artistic Voice, with Nancy Gruskin

Nancy Gruskin
Nancy Gruskin

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Often it can take an artist years to discover their “Artistic voice.” It comes to each artist in a different way, some find it by learning from mentors and instructors over years, others find it by teaching the nuances of art theory or art history. There are so many beautiful paths that different individuals take to discover their unique artistic voice. My guest, Nancy Gruskin had a fascinating story to tell as she spoke with me about her journey to discovering and sharing her artistic voice. She didn’t take the typical route to her career as an artist but it makes total sense for Nancy and it’s an inspiring one that I know you will enjoy!

Getting “Established” as an Artist

Part of the process of discovering your voice as an artist is getting to that place where you feel established. Similar to finding your voice, getting established comes at different points for each artist. For Nancy Gruskin, her career as an art history instructor played a significant role in her journey and arriving at that place of feeling established in her career. She talks about how teaching and bringing value to students even when her art isn’t selling is still validating for her. Nancy was very forthcoming in sharing her thoughts and feelings in our conversation and I know her story will have an impact on other artists that get the chance to hear from her.

Acrylic Wash and Finding What Works

How did you discover what medium or process works best for your creative expression? Have you stuck with that same method for years or have you adjusted and changed it over time? My guest, Nancy Gruskin shares how she had modified and stumbled upon different approaches in her paintings and artwork over the years. In our conversation, Nancy told me how she stumbled into working with acrylic gouache and how it works much better in her home studio than working with oils like she did in the past. It was great to hear from Nancy and how she has adjusted her approach over the years and is still finding her creative impulses shine through that adaptation.

Creative Inspiration

Some artists share that they find their creative inspiration in some of the most mundane aspects of their life, others still find that inspiration strikes through the abstract. There is no “Right way” to tap into that creative inspiration, each artist must find what it is that inspires them. My guest Nancy Gruskin shared a touching moment from her life that inspired one of her paintings. Nancy’s story just goes to show you that you can’t bottle the creative process! It was great to hear how she uses the flow and circumstance of her life to create something beautiful. Make sure to catch images of Nancy’s paintings at the end of this post!

Overcoming Self-Doubt

It takes a lot of courage to bare your soul and share with a large audience a glimpse into your inner thoughts and feelings. Is that something you can imagine doing? My guest, Nancy Gruskin felt bold enough to share that she struggles with self-doubt from time to time. In our conversation, Nancy told me that she felt like she wouldn’t’ have anything noteworthy to share with a wider audience. This could not have been further from the truth! I had a wonderful time speaking with Nancy about her journey to become an artist and how she has tackled other challenges along the way. I know you will also enjoy hearing from such a transparent, unique and bold artistic voice!

Outline of This Episode

    • [0:50] I introduce my guest, Nancy Gruskin.
    • [2:00] Nancy’s journey to becoming an artist.
    • [10:30] How has Nancy’s background with Art History influenced her artwork?
    • [13:00] Finding your voice.
    • [18:00] Nancy talks about being included in a group art show.
    • [22:00] Feeling “Established” as an artist.
    • [27:30] Nancy’s process in approaching her time in the studio.
    • [34:30] Technical aspects of Nancy’s artwork.
    • [47:30] Facing self doubt and challenges along the way.
    • [53:30] Healthy habits.
    • [56:30] What art would Nancy LOVE to own if money wasn’t an issue?

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