Jane Davies

From Freelance Artist to Art Instructor, with Jane Davies

Jane Davies

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What is it like to move from working and earning a living as a freelance artist and begin a career as an art instructor? What impact does that transition have in the creative process? My guest, Jane Davies was kind enough to open up and share parts of her journey and how she left her work as a freelance artist behind to throw herself into the role of an art instructor. Jan has some helpful insights and lessons to share about her journey and how she grew and evolved as an artist over time in light of this pivotal point her her career. It was a joy to have Jane share her story and I know artists like you will get a lot of enjoyment from hearing her unique perspective.

Embracing the role of Art Instructor

Jane Davies spent over fifteen years creating production pottery and taking on other roles as a freelance artist. She eventually got to a point in her journey where she didn’t want to make art that way any longer. Now, she focuses less on selling her work, though that would be nice, she has turned a lot of her energy toward her role as an art instructor. Talking with Jane, I could really get the sense that this is where a lot of her passion and excitement are rooted. It was great to hear Jane’s angle on this subject and to hear where she is spending her time expressing herself.

The Need for Community Among Artists

Do you have a community of fellow artists that you connect? Where do you turn for inspiration and camaraderie? Have you been looking for that missing piece on your creative journey? In our conversation, my guest Jane Davies and I discuss the impact that being in community with fellow artists can have on your own creative output. While each person’s journey will have its own variables, don’t neglect this important aspect in the life of an artist. Even if you can’t be part of an artistic community locally, find other ways to connect either digitally in a community like this one or find ways to meet up once or twice a year with other artists. What steps are you taking to stay connected to a creative community?

Art is Never Easy

Have you ever had someone tell you that art is easy? How did you react? While there may be moments of inspiration where the creativity just flows through your fingertips, by and large, the work of an artist is far from “easy.” In my conversation with artist Jane Davies, we discuss this topic and misnomer that once you find your “voice” as an artist, the work becomes easy. Jane shares her experience as an art instructor and assumptions she encounters from young artists who are longing to find their voice. While techniques and concepts might become easier to hone and master, the work of an artist will always include striving, struggling, and challenge. What has been your experience? Do you resonate with Jane’s perspective?

A Commitment to Constant Creation

What habits and routines have helped you succeed as an artist? Do you take comfort in rituals and processes? How do you tap into a current of motivation and inspiration that can keep you focused on the work that you create? My guest, Jane Davies shared with me that it’s her commitment to constantly create that keeps her focused and drawn back to the canvas over and over again. Jane also gives herself the permission to just create, she doesn’t hold herself to a perfectionist standard, in these sessions she gives herself the freedom to just create, it doesn’t have to be perfect or “good.” What are your takeaways from Jane’s story?

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:30] I introduce my guest, Jane Davies.
  • [2:30] Jane talks about how she got started as an artist.
  • [14:00] A pivotal moment in Jane’s career.
  • [17:00] Jane talks about her role as an art teacher.
  • [21:00] Mistakes Jane made as a teacher.
  • [24:30] Positive experiences as a teacher.
  • [30:30] Art is never easy.
  • [34:30] Jane talks about her time in her studio.
  • [42:00] What led to Jane’s decision to start writing books?
  • [48:00] Jane and I talk about formulas and basic concepts for artists.
  • [53:00] The future of art and culture.
  • [58:30] Jane talks about her habit of constantly painting.

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