Janne Kearney

Janne Kearney

Janne Kearney started painting in her 40’s. She struggled through her own feelings of not being a “real artist” or that her work was not “valid”. After a health scare shifted her perspective and she was selected as a semi-finalist for the BP portrait awards, Janne Kearney is feeling a lot more comfortable in her role as an artist. Which is great for us, for her students, and for the people who enjoy her paintings because with those distractions gone, Janne is focused on what actually matters: her art.

Janne may be a little soft spoken, but don’t let that fool you. Nothing gets between her and her vision, not even a barbed wire fence plastered with ‘No Trespassing’ signs.

This show is for you if you are wondering if you started painting too late. It’s for you if you have ever thought: ‘Why bother entering that competition’, or wondered if you’re wasting time. If that’s you, Janne has a few stories for you and a few pieces of advice you might want to take to heart.

And a heads up for Australian listeners (or anyone headed to Melbourne ) Janne has a show at the Boom Gallery July 17 – August 8.

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Janne’s Blog: Where you can see the amazing transformation of her studio!

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Boom Gallery

Powerhouse Arts Hub Geelong


'To the Flame' by Janne Kearney
‘To the Flame’
'The rainbow after the storm' oil painting by Janne Kearney
‘The rainbow after the storm’
'Leap of Faith' oil painting by Janne Kearney
‘Leap of Faith’
'Insomnia' oil painting by Janne Kearney
'Fight or Flight' oil painting by Janne Kearney
‘Fight or Flight’
'Don't' oil painting by Janne Kearney
'Miasma', oil painting by Janne Kearney

Images from the Powerhouse: Before the Renovation

Powerhouse before the renovation

Powerhouse before the renovation

Powerhouse before the renovation
Powerhouse before the renovation

powerhouse inside

Powerhouse before the renovation



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