Mitchel Coffman

Getting Your Exhibition Funded with Mitchel Coffman

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Mitchel Coffman raised over $12,650 using crowd funding for an art exhibit to honor his mentor, Jorge Alvarez.  Mitchel talks about the genesis of his project ‘Strength’, and what Kickstarter taught him about how the business side of art really works.

 Show Highlights:

  • Using crowd sourcing to fund art projects
  • Understanding  Kickstarter
  • Gaining prospective in how business really works
  • Not letting setbacks get you down
  • Finding the path for artists to go directly to collectors
  • Researching past artists’ Kickstarter campaigns (successes and failures)
  • Developing a well thought out project
  • Working through the plateaus of the campaign
  • The “All or Nothing” Approach
  • Putting yourself “out there”
  • Mentor, Jorge Alvarez
  • The surprises (good and bad)
  • Evaluating the Aftermath of a successful campaign
  • Recommendations for using crowd sourcing

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Savannah School of Art & Design


RTI Show and Mural unveiling on October 17th, at the RTI headquarters in Annapolis.

mitchel coffman strength-performance-piece
Strength Performance Piece, 2014


‘Ollie’ Mural in Far Rockaway, New York


mitchell coffman speedbag:
“Speed Bag”, 2013


Mitchell Coffman Simply-Gaga
“Simply Gaga”

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