Zoey Frank

An interview with Zoey Frank on SavvyPainter.com
Zoey Frank

Zoey Frank is a figurative painter from Colorado. She studied at the Juliette Aristides Atelier in Seattle and then went on to get her MFA from the Laguna College of Art and Design.

As Zoey will tell you, she is in love with the figure. She shares her process, and her experiments freely in this episode. I really enjoyed talking with her about her current work, in which she is playing with observation, imagination, and photography.

We also talk about the instability of this career choice we’ve made and how that can really affect our mood. Zoey shares the tactics she uses to deal with uncertainty- tactics that focus on reconnecting with the joy of making things and creating.


Juliette Aristides
JSS in Civita Castellana



'Lemon On Blue Tiles'
‘Lemon On Blue Tiles’
'Grandma's Teapot'
‘Grandma’s Teapot’
'Dance Party'
‘Dance Party’
'Yellow And Blue'
‘Yellow And Blue’
'White Bed'
‘White Bed’
'Civita Kitchen'
‘Civita Kitchen’


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