Growth Studio Week – EP 293

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to join the Savvy Painter Growth Studio or receive coaching for your art practice? On this episode, I’m going to break down the topics that will be discussed during my FREE Growth Studio Week event happening October 17th through the 21st. Visit the links below to register and listen now for a taste of what’s to come!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:03] 100 Self-Portrait update and acknowledging the expectation gap
  • [4:08] The impact of coaching, the power of confidence, and the magic of art-making
  • [15:28] Trusting your voice and your process
  • [18:34] Artists and money mindset
  • [19:59] Overcoming perfectionist tendencies
  • [23:07] Final thoughts

Your art is magic

Someone told me the other day that what I do with my art and my practice is magical. I think when people tell us things like this, our immediate reaction is to correct them because what we do as artists is hard work. While this is 100 percent true, I also think some magic happens when we wholeheartedly believe in our capacity to create and handle anything that comes up in our studio. We have to lose that self-consciousness that often interrupts us when we’re creating. Creative confidence allows us to tap into that space intentionally because we’re not criticizing or judging ourselves. If creative confidence is something you could use more of in your art practice, join me for Growth Studio Week next Monday!

Everything is built on trust

One of the strongest momentum killers in your art studio is impatience. Many of the artists I work with struggle with feeling like they should be further along in their development, or they should have sold more paintings or any number of comparison-based insecurities. All of these feelings are both normal and untrue. The reality is they don’t trust themselves, and they don’t trust their voice. Oftentimes the impatience we feel with our art is because we carry disbelief. We don’t truly believe that we will get to where we want to go so we can’t relax and enjoy where we are now. If this describes you, join me next Tuesday during Growth Studio week so I can help you get to where you want to go creatively.

Is the price right?

Money is a topic that many creatives tend to shy away from. Yet, our mindset around money has a major impact on our art practice. It affects our beliefs about what we can and cannot do with our art. It shows up in how we price our art, and the kinds of projects we take on. We have adopted so many ideas about art and money and what it all means from other people. But maybe those ideas aren’t actually serving you? If this area is one of opportunity for you, you’re not alone! Join me next Wednesday as we tackle some of our unconscious beliefs around money so that it no longer limits the potential of our art.

Resources Mentioned on this episode

Connect With Antrese

Get better results in your studio Today.

When you feel confident about your work and you are solid in your self concept as an artist, you stop worrying about how long the painting takes, or when you will “make it.” Instead, you focus on what you know is working. You allow time for your process to unwind. You let go of all the chatter. This is what you will create for yourself in Growth Studio - the unwavering belief in yourself as an artist so that you make art that matters to you. Click here to join.

  • Hi. I’ve signed up for the Growth Studio week, but most of the sessions are at impossible times for me in New Zealand (the middle of the night, which I just can’t do!). I’m wondering if the sessions are recorded, and whether it is possible to access the recordings at another time? Many thanks. Brenda

  • I am in Australia so 3am my time isnt practical for me to join the zoom sessions, are there going to be recordings and will we be able to access them? Thanks Rae

    • Hi Rae – The sessions times vary to allow opportunities for as many time zones as possible to attend a session live. There are two events this week that are scheduled with Australia/ New Zealand artists in mind. I have members from Australia in Growth Studio who are able to attend live every week, and then they watch the recordings of the events that don’t work for them. Recordings for this free event are available to everyone for 24 hours after the session ends. When you join Growth Studio, you have access to the full library for as long as you are a member.

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