Katherine Sandoz

Art and Business, with Katherine Sandoz

Katherine Sandoz

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One of the most pressing topics on the minds of many artists these days is the role of art and business. This subject can lead to heated debates about the difference between making “Pure art” and art for profit. What is your opinion on this subject? Is there room for nuance and flexibility on this subject? My guest, Katherine Sandoz provides a helpful perspective on the role of art and business. In our conversation, we also discuss Katherine’s artwork, lessons she has learned as an art teacher, her use of mixed media art, how to approach art you dislike, and much more! I know that artists like you will enjoy the unique perspective that Katherine brings.

Lessons Learned as an Art Teacher

How can teaching concepts, theories, and subjects shape the way you think about them? Have you had an experience where conveying the topic has made you look at it in a new light? Artist and educator Katherine Sandoz was kind enough to open up about this subject with me in our conversation. Hearing from Katherine, you can really get the sense that teaching art has had an impact on the way she interprets and even reconsiders some of the topics she presents to her students. I was honored to get such an honest and transparent take from Katherine on this subject and I hope you find her insights and candor as stimulating as I have!

The Role of Art and Business

Does there need to be a defined and hard-line in the sand between “Pure art” and art made for profit? What is the right approach to the role of art and business? Could it be that a hard-line approach to this topic is unproductive and unhelpful? My guest, Katherine Sandoz shared her thoughts on this subject with me during our conversation. Katherine believes that a more balanced approach is necessary when we discuss art and business. She sees things existing more on a spectrum meaning, as, with a diverse array of types of art, there also exists a range of avenues where profit can come into play. What has contributed to your opinion on this subject? Do you agree with Katherine?

Using Mixed Media Art

Have you experimented with mixed media art? Is it still part of your regular pattern of creation and exploration? How can playing with other mediums expand and enrich your primary mode of creative output? Artist Katherine Sandoz started to utilize mixed media art primarily as a way to stay busy. Because you can’t paint effectively or on a large scale in a moving vehicle, Katherine found her way to experimenting with quilting and stitching as a way to exercise her creative expressions while she travels with her family. Katherine uses this example to explain why she encourages her students and as many artists as she can that the present is the best time to start practicing your craft with any means possible. Don’t hesitate and kick the can down the road! Does Katherine’s story resonate with you?

How to Approach Art that Doesn’t Connect with You

What is your reaction to artwork that doesn’t connect with you? Is there a constructive and beneficial way to respond to art that we don’t necessarily like? Could it be that the old adage is true, “If you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing at all?” My guest, Katherine Sandoz was quick to explain her take on this topic. Katherine says that there is a reason why we don’t like certain works of art and if we can communicate that reason to ourselves and others what we feel isn’t working that we’ll both be better for it in the long run. What is your opinion on Katherine’s perspective?

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:35] I introduce my guest, Katherine Sandoz.
  • [3:00] How did Katherine get started as an artist?
  • [5:00] Lessons learned as an art teacher.
  • [11:30] A blossoming art career and starting a family.
  • [15:30] Katherine describes her artwork and her process.
  • [22:30] What caused Katherine to branch out to mixed media art?
  • [27:30] The role of art and profit.
  • [37:00] Katherine and I discuss our perception of art that we don’t care for.
  • [40:30] What makes Katherine want to create a painting?
  • [48:00] Which artist’s work would Katherine like to own?

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