Carol Swinney: Palette Knife Painting en Plein Air

MORNING BLUSH by Carol Swinney 9 x 12 Oil on canvas copy

Plein Air Palette Knife Painter, Carol Swinney, shares her love the palette knife. She also discusses her mentors, her approach and techniques of painting with the knife and her passion of painting en plein air. Carol and Antrese talk about women painters and their representation in the art world.

Show Highlights:

  • Advantages and approach of using a palette knife
  • What are Carol’s challenges in the growth in her art
  • Why blocking in a painting isn’t an option for palette knife painters
  • What belonging to different painting groups offers
  • Carol shares her approach to reworking older paintings
  • Discover Carol’s dream project
  • Making it as an artist & income stream
  • Why advertise & how to measure the success (surprisingly not by sales)
  • Discussion of female artists and their underrepresentation in museum shows

Other Artists Mentioned:

Bill Freeman
Greg McHuron
Camille Przewodek

Other Links:

Oil Painters of America
American Women Artists
Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters
Tuscon Plein Air Painters
Cowgirl Up

Carol’s website:

WYOMING WINTER by Carol Swinney 12 x 24 Oil on canvas copy

TETON BACKCOUNTRY by Carol Swinney 12 x 9 Oil on canvas copy

THE GRAND TETONS by Carol Swinney 22 x 28 Oil on canvas copy

ROAD IN THE CANYON by Carol Swinney 11x14 Oil on canvas copy

RED POPPIES by Carol Swinney 12 X 12 Oil on canvas copy

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