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An Interview with Chris Leib on
Chris Leib

Realist painter Chris Leib’s artistic journey began by way of anthropology and a near-miss with a career in real estate. An apprenticeship with Roberto Lupetti provided a foundation from which his talent could organically grow. Leib discusses overcoming setbacks, including an explosion that forced him from his home and studio, life with a fellow artist as your spouse, and the habits and mindset that contribute to productive creativity.

Show Notes

  • Chris Leib studied anthropology, considered law school, and delivered furniture before pursuing art.
  • A strange advertisement requesting doodles and drawings led to Chris’s first job in the art world.
  • Chris was so determined to go to art school, he lived out of his car until he saved up enough money.
  • A career in art or real estate? It came down to the opinion of a guy his father met at the gym.
  • Leib’s work includes bonobos, astronauts, and often plays with the evolutionary spectrum.
  • Chris shares how an explosion and fire left him without a studio or home but opened doors for greater interaction with the local art community.
  • Chris discusses the bonds, benefits, and understanding that come with a marriage between two artists, as he has with his wife, artist Kirstine Reiner Hansen.
  • While not a creature of habit, Chris shares the few consistencies in his process.
  • What advice would Chris give his younger self? Get involved in social media sooner! And move to New York sooner!
  • How letting go of the pretentious side of the art world allows artists to fully realize their authentic self.

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An Interview with Chris Leib on
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An Interview with Chris Leib on
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