Creating From a Place of Love in 2022

In this episode, I share a  profound realization I got from my morning journal: My art is a love letter to myself.

I believe that creativity is an act of love, but I had never thought of it in the more nuanced way that I describe in this episode. It has had a very profound impact in my art practice so I wanted to share it with you and give you a little challenge to kick off the New Year.

As we ease into  2022, I’m seeing a lot of people excited for the new year and yet wary of getting their hopes too high. I’m seeing a lot of social media posts about 2022 being 2020 - 2. Trust me, I totally get the cautiously optimistic approach.

And I don’t think that’s a bad thing. 

My intention for 2022 is to go ALL in, to give it everything I’ve got with an open heart (and open eyes). And what helps me do that is to match the uncertainty of the last 2 years with the certainty of what I DO know. When I start to feel untethered, I can always anchor myself with what I AM certain about: 

  • I am resilient
  • I have a brilliantly creative mind
  • I won’t do everything perfectly, and that’s just perfect.
  • I’ve figured out solutions for lots of problems before, and I can probably figure this one out too (whatever “this one”  is)
  • Creativity is an act of love
  • My dogs will always make me laugh
  • Most of what I want I already have

Those are just a few of the certainties I anchor myself with when I’m feeling anxious about what might be on the horizon.

I invite you to create your own list. 

This is different from affirmations because the focus is on thoughts that you already believe, instead of trying to convince yourself of something you don’t already think is true. 

That distinction is important because if you’re anything like me, you have a pretty sensitive B.S. detector and when that thing lights up, repeating these thoughts to yourself seems ridiculous.

So, if they resonate with you, I invite you to use some of the thoughts above. Otherwise, just jot down a few things that you know are true and that you can use to anchor yourself in your studio. 

 It might take a few rounds and your list will likely change over time, but I’ve found that the antidote to uncertainty is to meet it with certainty.

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    • Yes!! I’m glad it resonates- there’s really no upside to that self criticism. We can do better without it.

  • I am glad you are back, Antrese. Perfect timing for me, as I am trying to figure out what I need to do to get out of a slump. I feel like the class I attend weekly is so lacking in positive feed back. I need a jump start! Maybe painting on my own for a while would be a good thing with some encouraging podcasts. Thank you!!

    • Your instinct is always right, Elaine – be selective of what thoughts you allow to take root in your head. That way, you create your own upward spiral with your work. Sometimes you just need to process and play with what you’ve learned. You’ll know when you’re ready for more workshops.

  • Painting today thinking about your beautiful “Love letter” to myself image- adds another level of deep tenderness to my process ♥️ thank u Antrese

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