David Shevlino, Part 1

Self Portrait 10 x 10 oil on panel Sept 2011

Show Highlights:

  • Key impact of David’s own exploration of art at an early age
  • What David learned as a teenager about standing up for his principles
  • How David found his tribe at a portfolio review
  • The growth of ateliers & art academies & the return of solid grounding in drawing & painting
  • How David transformed his career during an economic crisis
  • The challenges of painting demos, showing how to paint vs. how David paints in studio
  • Hear how more tools in your toolbox allows for exploration
  • How taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone is good for artistic growth
  • Learn how the  Plein Air experiences helped David loosen up

Artists Mentioned:

Rembrandt van Rijn

Renaissance Painters

Dutch Masters

Lucien Freud

Other Links:

F. Scott Hess article on representational artists.

David’s Work:

See more of David’s work at davidshevlino.com

Connect with David on Facebook.

Blue sky and figure, oil on panel, 19 x 17 Jan 2012

Wrestling Figures, oil on canvas 26 x 29.25March 3, 2011

Garden Hose, oil on canvas 36 x 34, 8-2014


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