Dean Fisher

Artist Dean Fisher

Highlights of the show:

  • How Dean moved to Madrid straight out of the American Academy of Art in Chicago.
  • The nuts and bolts of painting copies of masterworks in a museum.
  • Meeting other artists at the Prado and a reality check for the recent art school grad.
  • The most difficult and exciting thing about being a painter.
  • Observations on cultural differences between painting in the U.S. and Europe.
  • Maintaining a healthy relationship with the gallery world.
  • Protecting your artistic growth in a gallery and maintaining your artistic integrity.
  • Painting Perceptions: If you are not already reading this blog, you should be.

Dean and I also talked about his studio in Connecticut where he holds figure painting workshops with live models. Dean and his wife Josephine have built an addition to the studio for artists to come and stay. Quite an impressive tower they have built!

And if you want to hear HOW they managed to get this amazing space with limited funds, you've got to listen to THIS EPISODE!

Antonio Lopez Garcia:

I usually ask my guests if they could own a painting by any living artist, what would it be, or whose. Dean chose Antonio Lopez Garcia's drawing of his uncle. I found this photo of the artist with his uncle.  I found this link to  Antonio Lopez Garcia telling the story of the drawing - well worth the read.


And here is the must see El Sol del Membrillo on You Tube - in Spanish- even if you're not bilingual, you can still be a fly on the wall :

Dean's Paintings:


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