Kenny Harris

The Ebb and Flow of Art Sales, with Kenny Harris

Kenny Harris

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How do you as an artist navigate the ebb and flow of art sales? Is there a method to the madness or is it all guesswork? What lessons have you learned in your career to help you navigate this important topic? My guest, artist Kenny Harris joins me on this episode as we discuss the ebb and flow of art sales and many other topics. Throughout our conversation, we touch on self-promotion, personal development, questioning assumptions, Kenny’s marriage to fellow artist Judy Nimtz, and much more. I am so excited for you to hear from Kenny’s distinct perspective!

The wisdom of understanding there is an ebb and flow to art sales.

What have been some of the best advice you’ve received in your art career? Did it come from a mentor, family member, or close friend? Did you have the opportunity to connect with a community of artists with seasoned members? My guest, Kenny Harris was kind enough to open up to me about his journey from life in New York to moving to Venice, California. His move started out as a visit but he quickly found himself embraced and welcomed by the art community, particularly among the “Old guard.” It was during this transition in his career that Kenny received the advice that art sales are cyclical and to why it’s important to fight the impulse to play to fashion. Have you received similar advice like Kenny received? Did you take it?

What is it like being married to a fellow artist?

Do you have someone close to you who shares your passion for art? Is there a family member or close friend who you can collaborate with and learn from? Can you imagine what it would be like to have your partner share in your profession as an artist? During our conversation, artist Kenny Harris spoke at length about the special connection he enjoys by sharing the same career as his spouse and fellow artist, Judy Nimtz. Kenny speaks fondly of the influence that Judy has had on his artwork and how he sees his influence coming out in her work as well. They also enjoy filling their time bonding over painting together, going to shows and exhibits, and giving each other feedback. I enjoyed hearing Kenny describe the influence his wife has on his work and I hope you benefit from it too.

Questioning your own assumptions.

Sometimes you can get to the point in your career where you inoculate yourself to criticism and introspection. Have you experienced that? How do you fight against that impulse? My guest, Kenny Harris was candid about his own struggle and revealed to me that it took going back to school to really help him begin to question his own assumptions. This led to him becoming cautious about his own use of caution in his artwork. Kenny’s journey led to massive growth both internally and professionally. While the process sounds exhausting, reflecting back on this season in his life, Kenny says it was ultimately rewarding. What has been your experience with challenging your own assumptions?

The benefit of preparing for tomorrow’s work.

What steps have you taken to push yourself to get into a rhythm of productivity in your studio? Do you have a process that you feel comfortable with? What habits have helped you on your journey? Kenny Harris says that it wasn’t one single habit that helped him get on track and make progress in his career but multiple little things that have helped along the way. One step that Kenny tries to practice on a regular basis that stood out to me was the habit of preparing for the next day’s work the night before. It sounds like such a simple step but the way Kenny described it had me fascinated. Does Kenny’s process sound like anything you’ve tried before?

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:30] I introduce my guest, Kenny Harris.
  • [3:30] How did Kenny get his start as an artist?
  • [7:30] Kenny talks about getting settled in with the LA art community.
  • [16:30] Questioning assumptions in your own work.
  • [19:00] What makes Kenny so curious about artwork?
  • [21:00] Is there a difference between voice and style?
  • [27:00] Kenny talks about breaking his own rules.
  • [29:30] What is it like being married to another artist?
  • [33:30] A marker of personal success and growth.
  • [43:00] The struggle of simplicity and focusing on what matters.
  • [49:30] Habits that have helped Kenny succeed.

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