Jose Trujillo

An Evolving Approach to Selling Art, with Jose Trujillo

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What is the best approach to selling art? Have you found it more effective to be your own advocate or to connect with galleries and agents who promote your art for you? My guest, Jose Trujillo was kind enough to open up in our conversation about his journey and his evolving approach to selling art. We also discuss Jose’s artwork, how he got started as an artist, what it takes to connect with an audience, the importance of consistency, and so much more! I know artists like you will get a lot of value out of the insights and lessons that Jose has to share.

Marketing and Presenting Artwork

What makes for a great and compelling presentation of artwork? Have you been able to present and market your work in a way that draws people in? In my conversation with Jose Trujillo, we discussed his approach and the components he has found useful in marketing his art to a large audience. From a young age, Jose has been searching for an audience for his artwork. I could tell from listening to him that his passion and eagerness really shines when he talks about getting his art in front of people. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your willingness to put your artwork out there, again and again, adapting and learning from each interaction with galleries in the process. If you want to know more about what it takes to approach a gallery and evolve your approach over time, you’ll find some helpful insight from Jose in this conversation.

Finding Channels to Promote Your Artwork

Where do most people go to interact with artwork? Where does your target audience tend to spend their time viewing art? Don’t underestimate this vital aspect of knowing your audience and getting your artwork in front of them! Artist Jose Trujillo is passionate about connecting with people who want to view his artwork. He doesn’t expect them to come to him, so he does everything he can to get his work in front of them. In our conversation, Jose explains the many channels he uses to find his audience and expose them to his artwork. What steps are you taking to bring your artwork to a receptive audience? What lessons can you learn from Jose’s approach?

The Power of Consistency

One of the most important aspects of success for an artist is producing content. Is there any hope to sell your work or gain a reputation if you don’t produce content and practice your craft? My guest, Jose Trujillo shares from his own experience of committing to a regime of constantly creating artwork. It sounds easy but Jose will the first to tell you that it can be a struggle to show up and continue to practice, especially when you don’t “Feel inspired.” I really resonated with much of what Jose had to share on this subject and I hope artists like you can connect with it in a similar way.

A Practice of Gratitude

What practices or habits have helped you in your evolution as an artist? Do you find habits and rituals to be helpful or do you feed off of chaos and unpredictability? I enjoyed discussing this topic with my guest, Jose Trujillo as he opened up and shared how practicing gratitude has impacted him on his creative journey. I have also found a lot of benefit out of practicing gratitude and think artists like you will be able to connect with the positive impact that these habits can create. Jose talks about this practice as grounding him and helping him through the ups and downs of his career as an artist. Have you experienced this same grounding experience?

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:50] I introduce my guest, Jose Trujillo.
  • [3:00] Jose talks about how he got started as an artist.
  • [5:00] Marketing and presenting artwork.
  • [9:00] Jose talks about pricing his work.
  • [13:30] Jose describes his artwork.
  • [19:00] The impact of technology in the art community.
  • [27:00] Finding channels that can help your artwork succeed.
  • [29:00] What is the ‘Game?”
  • [33:00] Reaching an audience that’ll connect with your artwork.
  • [41:30] The importance of consistency and showing up.
  • [49:30] A habit of gratitude.
  • [52:30] What excites Jose about his artwork?

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