Felicia Forte

Painting by Felicia Forte
‘Time Machine’ oil on panel, 20×24″

Felicia is a representational artist who paints Alla Prima portraits from her studio in Detroit. Her self portrait ‘Melting Point’ was accepted into he BP Portrait awards show in 2015.

After 15 years of waitressing, Felicia took a leap and decided to focus exclusively on her painting. It’s an inspiring story of faith in her abilities and pushing past the “oh my god, what did I just do” moments to become the artist she is today.

We about the importance of human connection for artists, how connecting with artists in the real world as well as the virtual world creates a safety net and community. I especially appreciated Felicia’s candor in talking about a difficult period in her life and how the apathy she felt turned out to be the thing that allowed her to grow as an artist.



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Herb and Dorothy are the collectors we mentioned (she was a librarian)

And a follow up story on what they did with their collection:


Painting by Felicia Forte
‘self portrait- melting point’
Painting by Felicia Forte
‘And then there was so much more time.’, oil on panel, 30×40″
Painting by Felicia Forte
‘Black Dog’
Painting by Felicia Forte
‘Time in Church’ oil on canvas 36×48″
Painting by Felicia Forte
‘These conversations are so quiet’, oil on panel, 22×24″

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