Greg Decker


Greg is a symbolist painter, living in southern New Mexico. He holds two Master of Fine Arts degrees, from Cranbrook Academy of Art and from the New York Academy of Art .  He’s studied with celebrated painters such as Leland Bell, Fairfield Porter, John Moore, Vincent Desiderio and Martha Erlebacher.

I never thought I would hear Beethoven and the Ramones mentioned in the same sentence, but that’s what Greg does, he weaves together ideas from history, literature, philosophy and diverse sources to create his work.

Thank you to Julyan Davis for bringing Greg and his luscious paintings to my attention.


Max Beckmann (Tryptich –Blind Man’s Bluff
Pablo Picasso (African Years)
Georges Braque

NY Academy of Art
Sabin Howard, sculptor
Ernst Kirchner
Karl Schmidt Rottluff
Käthe Kollwitz
Christopher Hitchens, author
Richard Dawkins
Julyan Davis
Vincent Desiderio
Roy Scott
Linda Durham
Tom Judd
Simon Shama, author: Landscape and Memory
Fredrick Turner – In the land of Temple Caves
Kristine Pool
Dante’s Inferno
Brady Richards, author
Donna Jackson Nakazawa, author

Martha Erlebacher
Maxine Greene
Howard Gardner


Greg Decker’s website


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