Katy Schneider

Creativity without limits, an interview with Katy Schneider


Katy Schneider paints intimate scenes, mostly from her 6 foot by 8 foot studio in her basement. She plays with questions like, how do you fit all of THIS in such a small space? When you see her paintings, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Katy includes all disciplines in her creative life. She consistently challenges the beginner mindset by doing things like taking up pedal steel guitar, composing music and even taking up ballet. Katy reflects on navigating the guilt artists feel when they are not in the studio and giving herself permission to be creative in other ways.

Katy paints from her home in Massachusettes, she teaches painting at Smith college, and has won numerous awards for her children’s books.

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Books Illustrated by Katy


still life pattern, pig lavender

'9th Month'
‘9th Month’
"Self Portrait Pregnant, Mae in Wedding Dress."
“Self Portrait Pregnant, Mae in Wedding Dress.”
'Living Room'
‘Living Room’
'White Peonies on Blue'
‘White Peonies on Blue’
'White Peony and Red Rose'
‘White Peony and Red Rose’
'White Peony on Ochre'
‘White Peony on Ochre’

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