Office Hours with Antrese: Understanding our Fear of Failure 

What comes to mind when you think of the word, failure? Do you start internalizing the word? Do you hear that inner voice roaring the negative talk that sends you spinning? Or have you found a way forward to understand and overcome the fear of failure that plagues so many artists? 

By no means will I say that I’ve discovered all the answers or everything you need to know when it comes to recognizing your fear of failure and moving past it. I have learned from first-hand experience what works and what doesn’t and I’ve heard from my peers like you! This episode is another offering of my Office Hours sessions that give you a peek into the helpful community I’ve built with the Savvy Painter. Make sure to chime in - I can’t wait to hear how this one lands with you! 

Set yourself up for success

Time and time again, the two common issues I hear about from my Growth Studio participants is the challenge to get started and the challenge to finish a work of art. Do you ever struggle with these challenges? What about failing to eliminate distractions? There are so many factors both big and small that can impact your focus and productivity in the studio. If you struggle with these challenges and distractions, you aren’t alone! I encourage you to connect with peers either digitally or in-person (where possible with COVID) there are so many ways we can help each other. 

Don’t make it personal! 

Look, I get it - beating up on yourself can become so commonplace that you get lulled into thinking it’s normal - it doesn’t have to be! Sure, self-critique can be helpful and you do want to nurture that aspect of your growth but not negative talk. How do you spot the difference between being critical and talking negatively about yourself? Write it out! If you find yourself in a particularly critical mode, write out the critiques in your head on paper - then you can see in black and white if they are negative and personal attacks or fair critiques. 

The key to becoming a confident painter 

The key to success and confidence as an artist is to avoid failure at all costs! NO - that’s not true at all. If you were to look at the way our society shapes us - you’ll see that it does train us to avoid discomfort and pain. If you can re-train yourself to think of failure not as an ultimate letdown but as a stepping stone to success, you’ll see your confidence skyrocket. Expect failure, anticipate it, and let it be part of your story - let failure fuel your growth - you are worth the extra effort! 

Connect With Antrese

Outline of this episode

  • [2:30] How many artists experience failure. 
  • [5:30] Common negative thoughts we often have. 
  • [10:15] Distancing failure from your self-worth. 
  • [16:00] A visualization exercise you can try. 
  • [18:00] The key to becoming a confident painter. 
  • [21:00] Why it’s OK to make mistakes. 
  • [25:00] Closing thoughts. 
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  • Amazing podcast, it’s like you can read my thoughts! I had a really crap day yesterday and just couldn’t bring myself together to do any painting, because, I received a couple of knock backs in a row. This podcast has now made me flip those thoughts and to get curious about what I need to learn from this and how I can leverage off this to gain something. To the art platform that refused my paintings, I will email them. I’ll thank them for this opportunity to seek feedback from them as to why and what I can do to better my art and grow.
    Thank you Antrese

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