Peggi Kroll Roberts

Sharing the sun

Figurative painter Peggi Kroll Roberts talks with Antrese Wood about her leap into the fine art world, her progression as an artist, and how she balanced all that with her family life.

Peggi paints outdoor figures using luscious color and intense values to accentuate her subjects. She gets to the essence of the figure with simple bold shapes.

She is known for her beach scenes, but if you’ve been watching her blog, you’ll know she has been experimenting with abstract gauche work . Antrese and Peggi discuss the evolution of her work and the challenge of experimenting when it contradicts the expectations of an art gallery.

Where to find Peggi:

Two Figures

Sharing the sun

Center of Attentio

Swings, by Peggi Kroll Roberts

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  • Thank you for this interview. I’m really contemplating painting full-time, but with a family, 2 little ones and a mortgage, it is terrifying! But it also feels necessary πŸ™‚ Thank you for describing both of your journeys and showing the way forward.

    Shevaun Barrie

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