How to Sell Your Art Without Selling Out and More! With Maria Brophy

Maria Brophy

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Like most artists you’ve probably wondered how you can sell your art at some point along your journey. Some artists pick it up quickly or partner with someone who can help this navigate the business side of making a living as an artist. Then there are others who really struggle with this aspect of surviving as an artist. Where do you land? Wouldn’t it be great to get some helpful professional insight on this topic? Then you’ve come to the right place! My guest, Maria Brophy has spent the last decade and a half, acting as agent and brand manager for her husband, artist Drew Brophy. In our conversation, Maria opens up about the process of moving to a full-time career as an artist, when to say no, how to position yourself as a high-value artist, and much more. I know artists like you will get a ton of value out of our fascinating and wide-ranging conversation!

Know What You Want

What do you want out of your career as an artist? Really!? For too long, we have been trained by society to think that what we want isn’t realistic or right. Maybe you find that you’ve pushed what you want aside for so long that you found yourself spending energy and time doing what others have directed you to do. It’s time to put that thinking behind you! Really take the time to discover what it is that you want out of your profession as an artist. Maria believes that if you learn how to take the time to hone in on what it is you really want, you’ll end up being more productive and happy in the process. Maria has lots of helpful insight like this that I know will be of great value to artists like you!

Moving To A Full-Time Art Career

Have you taken the plunge yet and moved into a full-time commitment to your artwork? If not, what is holding you back? I’ve been there, I know the struggle and I want to do everything I can to encourage you and support you along the way. That’s why I knew that I needed to sit down with Maria and get some tips from her to help artists like you looking for motivation. Maria has traveled this road too, she helped her husband move toward and eventually completely transition to a career as a full-time artist. In our conversation, Maria shares what this process was like as well as practical advice that you can use if you are struggling at this stage on your journey.

What Would Richard Branson Do?

Let’s face it, most artists aren’t cut out to be successful businesspeople right off the bat. In fact, this tension between making art and selling art can really cause a lot of sleepless nights. You are not alone! I’ve struggled with the business aspect of my art career too. In my conversation with Maria, she shared a funny tool that helps her and her husband make tough business decisions. She simply thinks to herself, “What would Richard Branson do?” It sounds funny but it really helps her frame the decision-making process based on business parameters rather than emotional or egotistical ones. I hope you get the chance to hear more of our conversation and the additional insights and tips Maria has to share.

How to Sell Your Art

How do you sell your art? What is your strategy? Do you have a good idea on how to show, market, and price your artwork? Could your approach use an update? In my conversation with Maria, she shares the driving mindset that will help you sell your art. Maria explains that one of the best ways to get started is to remember that your artwork is valuable to someone. Never lose sight of the fact that your creation will become valuable to someone in the marketplace! This mental shift can make all the difference in your approach to selling your art. Maria has many more tips and lessons for artists like you, make sure to listen to more of our conversation and check out her book, “Art, Money, and Success!”

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:50] I introduce my guest, Maria Brophy.
  • [3:30] Maria talks about how she started managing her husband.
  • [6:30] Knowing what you want.
  • [15:00] Steps toward working as a full-time artist.
  • [18:00] Lessons Maria and Drew learned from stepping out on their own.
  • [23:30] What would Richard Branson do?
  • [29:00] Knowing when to say no.
  • [31:00] Communicating your worth to friends and family.
  • [40:00] How to price your work.
  • [44:00] Positioning yourself as a high-value artist.
  • [49:00] How to sell your art without selling out.
  • [55:30] Habits of successful artists.

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