Stanka Kordic

Stanka Kordic in her studio
Stanka Kordic in her studio

Stanka Kordic graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art with an illustration degree and quickly discovered she needed to adapt and reinvent herself. That is hard enough but Stanka tackled this at the same time she started her family.

She began painting commissioned portraits while raising a newborn. Eventually the economic down turn in 2008 forced her to come up for air and look around to see what was happening in the market. To her surprise and delight, she found there was a market for her figurative work.

In this episode, Stanka shares how she found collectors initially and what happened later when she pivoted to social media and to find collectors and galleries that interested her. She shares how she used the artist community to guide her choices and help her avoid gallery pitfalls.

We also talk about her techniques and thought processes for creating her paintings.

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