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Krista Harris

Synesthesia is a sensation that some people have when one sense is being interpreted by a different one. Some people see a color when a number is mentioned. Others smell a lemon when they see a particular shade of green. Artist Krista Harris has incorporated this sensory phenomenon into her abstract art. She lives in rural Colorado which creates a perfect backdrop for inspiration through all five senses. For example, when she hears a blackbird singing she attempts to paint that sound. Krista’s art and her way of approaching the senses and the world around her is fascinating. Check out my exciting interview with her on this episode of Savvy Painter!

How do you approach your goals?

With the New Year fast approaching, many people are setting goals for 2017. How do you approach goal setting? Do you grab what was leftover from 2016 that you didn’t get accomplished? What strategy works best? Artist Krista Harris found a few methods that worked for her. To start off, she focuses on a clear, specific goal. Once she identifies the goal she works her way back from there. She asks herself, “What will it take to accomplish this?” Krista finds that a common mistake most artists make is having vague goals or aspirations. She encourages artists to be ruthlessly specific in what they want to accomplish. To hear more of my conversation with Krista, catch this episode of Savvy Painter!

Seeing challenges as opportunities for growth.

How you face obstacles and challenges in life says a lot about who you are. Do you allow setbacks to knock you down or do you see them as lessons to strengthen you? Krista Harris learned that when life gives you hurdles to jump over, don’t get discouraged – leap! It has been her experience as an artist that adversity and challenges make you stronger. It is all part of the process. When one door closes another opens. Learn more about Krista’s story and the struggles she has overcome on this episode of Savvy Painter.

Do you say “No” enough?

In our culture “business” is a virtue. But the truth of the matter is, a frantic and busy lifestyle can quickly lead to burnout. We are hardwired to accept every offer and seize every opportunity that saying “No” sounds strange. It even seems counterintuitive. Yet, artist Krista Harris told me it is one of the smartest decisions she’s ever made. She learned that saying “No” can be empowering. It forces you to evaluate what matters to YOU and not allow other people to drive your schedule. Don’t miss more of Krista’s valuable insight on this episode of Savvy Painter.

Painting from an “Empty place”

Most artists approach the canvas with some inspiration. Maybe it’s a word, color, emotion, etc. It seems very “out of the box” to produce art that has no inspiration. But for Krista Harris, it’s all about coming to the canvas with nothing in her mind. This method takes serious focus and discipline. As she prepares the colors and the canvas Krista empties her mind as much as possible. She explains that this approach allows her to let inspiration strike in a unique way. To hear Krista talk about her method and results is fascinating. I enjoyed our conversation and I’m sure you will too!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:39] Background of guest: Krista Harris.
  • [2:33] I introduce Krista Harris.
  • [2:52] Early inspirations in art.
  • [5:15] Krista’s journey to becoming an artist.
  • [13:55] The necessity of goals.
  • [22:24] Is it ever too late to become an artist?
  • [26:00] Krista talks about on of her biggest challenges.
  • [29:51] The necessity of saying “No.”
  • [41:32] What goes through Krista’s mind while painting?
  • [49:01] Krista’s work with synesthesia and art.
  • [55:01] What is Krista currently working on?
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