Thinking big: from idea to action

How do you feel about the big idea you’ve been keeping on the back burner? Does the thought of executing your big idea fill you with excitement, dread, or somewhere in-between? Those big creative ideas that bubble up deserve their time to shine - so what are you waiting for? 

Let’s face it, most of us shy away from pulling the trigger on a big idea because we are scared or overwhelmed. What if there was a way to sidestep the obstacles that block you from executing your big idea? You’ve come to the right place! I took the opportunity to get feedback from amazing artists like you who are doing their best to forge ahead with their big ideas. I know that you’ll find helpful insights that will encourage you on your creative journey - don’t miss it!

Don’t let your doubts win 

There comes a time when everyone will have to come face to face with their internal doubts. Some people face this challenge early on in their creative journey and some face small doubts that creep in and disrupt in a more subtle way. If you really want to succeed and take on the big ambitious ideas that have been waiting to break out - you’ve got to learn how to deal with your doubts. Your doubts may never completely go away, and that’s ok - but they don’t have to control your life! 

Turning obstacles into a to-do list 

In much the same way that you can’t let your doubts control your life, you also can’t let obstacles become an excuse. Too often I’ve seen talented artists get stuck in the quicksand of chores, shortcomings, distractions, and more. You don’t have to surrender to the obstacles that block your path to executing your big idea. What if you listed out the obstacles that stand in your way and turn that list into a do-to list that will empower you on your journey? What do you have to lose? Give the to-list method a shot! 

Give yourself permission to change and adapt along the way 

One of the obvious ways to fuel the fire of creativity and take on big ideas is to give yourself permission to do the risky thing and even succeed. If you’ve been part of the Savvy Painter community for very long, you know that I am passionate about helping artists like you adopt a healthy and growth-focused mindset. Year after year, artists with a ton of potential find themselves throwing in the towel because they can’t bring themselves to adapt and change along the way. As crucial as it is to give yourself permission to succeed, you’ve also got to give yourself room to go in a new direction. 

Outline of this episode

  • [0:50] My introduction to this episode. 
  • [4:00] How listening to your doubts can throw a wrench in your plans. 
  • [7:00] Thinking of obstacles as a to-do list. 
  • [14:30] Are you ok with getting uncomfortable? 
  • [17:30] So what if you don’t knock it out of the park? 
  • [21:00] Have a plan but be ready to change along the way. 
  • [24:30] Why constraints can be helpful. 
  • [29:30] Are you really committed to your big idea? Give yourself permission to go for it! 
  • Resources Mentioned in this episode

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