Timothy Horn

before the sunset1530s

Timothy Horn paints rural landscapes around Marin and Sonoma counties in northern California.

He fell in love with painting after a chance encounter with another artist who has been on this show, Stanley Goldstein.

After concentrating on his skills, Timothy shut down his graphic design business to focus entirely on his painting and he hasn’t looked back.

Tim shares how he got started, what he needed to learn about painting before he was ready to get his work out, and how he made the transition to a full time painter.

We also talk about how Tim chooses painting events to participate in, how he managed his time starting out, and also the conflict that comes with being 100% dependent on the sales of your art, having a family and making the time to paint.



Timothy Horn Paintings:

congregation1824s Ohio Winter 2424s precipice 18x24s school house1824s silver streak1216s

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