Tips for Artists (From a Gallery’s Perspective), with Jennifer Farris

Jennifer Farris and Rab Terry
Jennifer Farris and Rab Terry

Wouldn’t it be great to hear inside tips for artists from a gallery’s perspective? Most of my interviews are with artists but I jump at the chance when I get to connect with a gallery owner. They provide such a helpful and unique perspective! My guest Jennifer Farris is the owner of Studio Gallery. Jennifer and Rab opened the gallery in 2003 to showcase the work of Bay Area artists. Jennifer and I discuss the role of social media in the art world, the story behind the artwork, setting the right prices, helpful tips for artist engaging with galleries and much more!

Leveraging Social Media to Promote Art

With the interconnectedness the internet age gives us, it can seem like brick and mortar stores are becoming increasingly irrelevant. You might be tempted to think that social media promotion threatens the role of galleries in the art world. Gallery owner Jennifer Farris doesn’t see social media promotion as an obstacle but rather as a platform she can leverage alongside the artists her gallery works with. In our conversation, Jennifer paints a helpful picture of the relationship between social media, artists, and galleries. If you are interested in hearing her inside tips for artists, make sure to catch this interview.

The Story Behind the Artwork

Don’t forget that one of the most powerful tools you have is your story! It doesn’t matter what type of medium you are engaged in, people want to hear the story behind the artwork. What inspired you, what moved you, what were you going through when you created your art? This is what resonates with people. I know it can be scary to put yourself out there, and not every artist is ready to do that – that’s OK. When you are ready, share your story. In most cases, it’s the story that enhances the artwork in a similar way a quality frame helps it pop. If I haven’t convinced you, my guest and gallery owner Jennifer Farris will. She has seen the power a story can have in appreciating and selling a work of art.

Setting the Right Price for Artwork

Figuring out the right price point for their artwork is something that many artists, especially inexperienced artists struggle with. How do you determine the right price range for your work? What is the best process and approach? My guest, Jennifer Farris is happy to shed some light and share some tips for artists on this otherwise difficult process. Jennifer is the owner of Studio Gallery and regularly walks new artists through the process of pricing and showing their work for the first time. Her helpful perspective will help you get an inside look at the art world from the gallery angle.

Do’s and Don’t’s of Approaching a Gallery

As an artist, have you ever wondered what would be the best way to approach a gallery you want to go into business with? You are in luck! Gallery owner Jennifer Farris is eager to share some tips for artists who want to start off on the right foot with galleries.

  1. Visit the gallery if possible. Get to know the feel for the type of work they show. Is it a fit?
  2. Understand the right timing. Don’t ambush a gallery owner, make an appointment.
  3. Respect the process. Don’t expect special treatment. Work with the gallery’s process.

Jennifer has some wonderful insights that will help artists navigate the gallery landscape. I had a wonderful time learning about her gallery’s process and I know you will too!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:35] My introduction to this episode.
  • [2:00] Jennifer shares the story behind Studio Gallery.
  • [4:20] The difficulty Jennifer and Rab faced opening their gallery.
  • [7:40] How does Jennifer help an artist decide which artwork to show?
  • [10:45] What criteria is used to determine if an artist is ready for a solo show?
  • [12:20] How can artists work with galleries in a harmonious way?
  • [15:00] The story behind the artwork.
  • [21:00] Social Media’s influence on galleries.
  • [25:00] Setting prices for artwork.
  • [32:40] Do’s and Don’ts of approaching a gallery as an artist.
  • [39:20] Jennifer’s plans for her gallery’s future.

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An interview with gallery owner Jennifer Ferris on
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