Tony Peters: Looking Inward for Growth & Meaning

An interview with Tony Peters
An interview with Tony Peters

Part one of a two part interview with the artist Tony Peters.

In this episode, Tony and I talk about his formative years at the Art Center College of Design, and what he learned by assisting and being mentored by several influential artists there. We talk about “The Church of Art”, a term we made up ( I think) while talking about making observational drawing sacred. It’s a sort of life blood of artists and in figure drawing studios, a community we often take for granted.

By now you may be expecting this, or at least not find it surprising, but we also dig into psychology, focus, and even brain science – yes- we mention neuro-plasticity during an art conversation. Tony and I talk about meditation, how that impacts our work and even how to optimize your practice by being selective about the environment and people you spend your time with.


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"Looking Inward"
“Looking Inward”
London Hotel Room
“London Hotel Room”
"Monster Savings"
“Monster Savings”
 "Buick Convertible, San Diego Freeway"
“Buick Convertible, San Diego Freeway”



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