Giant Leaps, A Big Move, and Savvy Painter Begins.

Giant Leaps, A Big Move, and Savvy Painter Begins.

I’m an artist, just like most of you. About seven years ago, I took a giant leap and quit my job art directing video games for Disney. Not long after, I took another giant leap and moved to Argentina. Crazy, right?

In the first episode of the Savvy Painter podcast, I tell you a little bit about who I am and what you can expect from the show to grow your art career.

By listening to the Savvy Painter podcast, you will:

  • Learn from artists who have been there before.
  • Expose yourself to new ideas that inspire you to push your studio work farther and build your business.
  • Learn to analyze other peoples marketing solutions and adapt them to suit you.
  • Moving to Argentina made selling my artwork more challenging- at first- until  I came up with a project that took full advantage of my location. I pulled it off and sold close to 200 paintings. In future episodes, we will dig deep into that process, and talk to other artists who have done something similar.

    So here’s what you can expect from the Savvy Painter podcast:

    Once a week you’ll hear interviews with some incredibly talented painters who have spent decades honing their craft and building their business.

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    Get better results in your studio Today.

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  • randomly came across this and looking forward to engaging – but Dermot your comment was so striking because my comment reads – what to do if your more Howard Hodgkin but want to be representational-ish!! my solution is simply to keep on and the right bits will appear !

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