Charlie Hunter

Charlie Hunter in his studio

Charlie Hunter’s passion for painting and the arts is contagious. He shares his journey, talks about what you can do to keep your focus and improve your skills. Charlie also talks about:

  • How a 20 minute habit keeps the monkey off your back.
  • How your brilliance harms your creativity.
  • The joy of making a big mess and falling flat on your face.
  • How he found his voice as a ‘water boy’.
  • What artists can learn from baseball players.
  • A cold beer and an intervention by the Putney Painters.
Charlie talks about a few bands and two songs in particular that he’s listening to these days. Listening to these artists and looking at Charlie’s paintings, I absolutely feel the connection with Chris Whitley and Townes Van Zandt.
And to round it out, Dog City by Crack the Sky.

Charlie’s Work

To see more of his work, visit Charlie’s website:
There’s even a throwback to his graphic design days: Charlie Hunter’s music poster designs

Marble Workers, Danby VT 1961

Moore & Thompson Paper Mill

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  • Antrese, I stumbled across your interview while checking out Charlie Hunter. What a great job! Thank you for what you are doing. Very natural, not leading.

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