Hannah Yata

Controversial Art and Sending a Message, with Hannah Yata

An interview with Hannah Yata on SavvyPainter.com
Hanna Yata

Controversial art is often provocative. The artist wants to make you feel something on a visceral level or they want to challenge the way you think. If you haven’t ever thought of art as a medium to send a message, then this episode for you! I had the wonderful privilege to sit down with a provocative and sometimes controversial artist, Hannah Yata. In this episode we discuss her journey of becoming an artist, finding her voice, and challenging the culture. Hannah has some powerful messages to convey through her work. She has evoked strong responses from audiences of all types. You won’t want to miss hearing from this talented artist!

Getting Started as an Artist

Plotting your way down a career path can be very difficult. Some professions have a very clear cut route, and others don’t. Hannah Yata found herself struggling through the process of getting started as an artist. As she was finishing up her time in art school, she wondered what the next step would be. An offhand comment from one of her teachers sent Hannah in the right direction toward her goal of becoming an artist. An email sent things into motion and Hannah was given a great opportunity to spend the summer working with artists Martin Wittfooth and Adam Miller. That summer was valuable and formative for Hanna. Her time there allowed Hannah to gather insight and skills she needed for the next phase of her development as an artist. To hear more about Hanna’s journey listen to this episode of Savvy Painter!

Sending a Message with Controversial Art

“There are only two things that pierce the human heart. One is beauty. The other is affliction.”

~ Simone Weil

The idea of beauty or affliction is front and center with most controversial art. The artist is trying to evoke something within the viewer. They want their art to resonate deep within. On this episode of Savvy Painter, I get to sit down with artist Hannah Yata. Listen as we discuss one of her most recent pieces of provocative art. Hannah describes the message she wants to convey through the piece and her motivation behind it. Don’t miss this fascinating story from Hana!

Living in a Productivity Obsessed Culture

An ancient proverb asks, “What good does it profit someone to gain the whole world yet forfeit their soul?” As a society, we can become blind to the damage that seemingly “good” things can cause. We live in a productivity obsessed culture. On the surface, productivity is good. However, when set on a pedestal it can cause men and women to sacrifice their well-being on its altar. On this episode of Savvy Painter, Hannah Yata and I discuss how productivity can become detrimental. We discuss the necessity of “turning off” and finding ways to refresh and remind ourselves that we are more than what we produce!

Keys to Success

Have you ever wondered what makes certain artists successful? On this episode of Savvy Painter, I sit down with Hannah Yata to find out the keys to her success. Hannah emphasizes two habits that have enabled her to thrive. One of the habits that helped her was establishing a routine. This is a common theme with many artists. Her other key to success is maintaining an appetite for reading. Hannah is convinced that a mind engaged with ideas and stories will produce thoughtful and engaging art. To hear more of our conversation around success as an artist, check out this episode!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:31] Background of Guest: Hannah Yata.
  • [1:59] I introduce Hannah on today’s show.
  • [2:19] Hannah talk’s about her very first painting.
  • [3:13] What made Hannah consider painting as a viable career path?
  • [13:52] How did Hannah feel after her first gallery showing?
  • [16:15] Hannah describes her work.
  • [18:59] Hannah discusses her most recent controversial piece of art.
  • [22:50] How do people respond to Hanna’s work?
  • [27:37] What is Hannah obsessed with right now?
  • [32:50] Living in a productivity obsessed culture.
  • [41:52] What habits contribute to Hanna’s success?
  • [44:24] What book does Hannah recommend to listeners?
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An interview with Hannah Yata on SavvyPainter.com
‘Scorched Earth Policy’
An interview with Hannah Yata on SavvyPainter.com
‘Lumen Naturae’
An interview with Hannah Yata on SavvyPainter.com
An interview with Hannah Yata on SavvyPainter.com
An interview with Hannah Yata on SavvyPainter.com

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  • as a very young child i frequented the Egon Schiele exhibit at the Fine Art Museum in Wien. i was taken there by my Grandmother in that she felt it important for me to view his works. a controversial symphony resides in me yet.

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