Rebecca Crowell


Rebecca Crowell creates luscious abstract paintings which are inspired by her travels and memories of places.

In this episode, Rebecca and I talk about working with cold wax, and how playing with the medium encouraged her to switch from representational to abstract painting. We also discuss the discomfort artists feel when they transition from a style they are known for into something completely new.

We dig a little into her process of both a painting and a body of work she might create after experiencing a place through her travels.

Because I know artists do have lives outside of the studio, I asked Rebecca to share what it was like when she and her husband started their family. She talks candidly about her challenges with raising her sons while keeping up with her painting.

I really appreciate Rebecca’s curiosity and love of creating. Although she might be most known for her cold wax paintings, she also makes mono-prints and is learning about carborundum printing, a technique I was unfamiliar with so I asked her all about it.

Rebecca is currently in the middle of a crowdsourcing campaign for Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts & Conversations, a book she co-authored with artist Jerry McLaughlin. The fundraising campaign reached its goal quickly, which is not a small feat, and they still have a few weeks to go. The campaign ends on August 17th, 2016

Other Artists and Resources Mentioned

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Links to Connect with Rebecca

Rebecca’s book Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts & Conversations


Listen to an interview with Rebecca Crowell on
‘Travels in Lappland, 1’
Listen to an interview with Rebecca Crowell on

Listen to an interview with Rebecca Crowell on

Listen to an interview with Rebecca Crowell on
Listen to an interview with Rebecca Crowell on

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