Tara Reed

Tara Reed and Antrese Wood dive into the commercial side of art. Licensing won’t be for everyone, but knowing your options is crucial.  For some artists licensing is a vital part of their income stream- find out if it is right for you.

Before we jump into the show notes, I have a couple of questions. I’ve been working really hard on a Savvy Painter Ultimate Guide for Artists– (that’s the working title for now). I’ll be wrapping it up soon but I just want to be sure I haven’t missed anything important to you- Can you help me out? Click here to answer a few QUICK questions: Feedback

Show Highlights:

  • What types of art do well with licensing.
  • Licensing is unmistakably commercial art, understanding this goes a long way to making a happy relationship.
  • Why Photoshop skills are a big plus for artists.
  • What to look for in a licensing contract

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