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Lucy Kalian

Building Businesses and Visual Memory: An Interview with Artist, Lucy Kalian 
Fine Art Prints Q&A, with Jake Hawley from Picture Salon
How to Build a Presence and Sell Your Art on Etsy , with Jenni Waldrop

Diana Corvelle

Gouache Portraits & Telling #MeToo Stories, with Diana Corvelle
Discover How to Sell Your Art Online and Grow Your Audience, with Jenni Waldrop

Katherine Sandoz

Art and Business, with Katherine Sandoz

Phyllis Shafer

Painting in Gouache, with Phyllis Shafer
James Gurney on Gurney Journey, Creativity and Using Technology to Reach Fans.
Nathan Fowkes
Amy Flurry
Errol Gerson
Peggi Kroll Roberts
Camille Przewodek